I can produce and deliver all forms of commitment ceremonies, including:

  • Renewal of Vows – A wonderful way to celebrate your union.  No excuse is needed however this is a wonderful way to celebrate a special anniversary, a rekindling of a relationship or even after a serious illness.   
  • Commitment Ceremony – Perfect if you want to mark your commitment to each other without any legal implications.
  • Civil Ceremony/Wedding – As this can be held anywhere at anytime your dream ceremony can become a reality!

Where can we have our wedding?

The simple answer is anywhere at any time – Your home, a beauty spot, a beach, your local pub!  The venue does not need to be licensed.  The actual wedding ceremony is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other; you walk down the aisle, exchange vows, sign a parchment – everything you dream of at the time and place you desire.  

Civil Celebrants carry out ‘Weddings’ not legal ‘Marriages’.  In order to make the marriage legal, you simply contact your local registry office who will advertise your intention to marry and carry out the legal service.  Their ceremony takes around 20/30 minutes and is done around a week prior to your ‘big day’.  Please ask for further details.

Please ask me for details on any of these and the other services provided.

We want something ‘different’ from the traditional ceremony…

No problem!  The major benefit of employing a Civil Celebrant is that your ceremony is about YOU!  I will work with you to ensure whatever your theme is, your day will be as perfect as it can be.  Most couples choose from a wedding ‘menu‘ which includes:

Handfasting * Quaich Ceremony * Jumping The Broom * Sand Ceremony

Wishing Tree * Wine Ceremony * Candle Ceremony * First/Last Kiss

Ceri Tolley UK Celebrant - Weddings & Civil Partnerships

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Civil & Commitment Ceremonies

Witness at Registrar’s Ceremony

Acting as a Witness to your legal registrar’s ceremony.

Unity Sand Ceremony Option

This ceremony symbolises the joining of the couple, with the bride and groom each having a colour of sand which they pour into a vessel one at a time, then together.

This is also an ideal addition where there are young children you wish to be involved (especially if from previous partnerships) as they too will have a colour.

This will signify your new family as one.

Wine Box / Love Letter

The couple will write love letters to each other before the wedding which they will seal in an envelope which is then placed in a box with their favourite bottle of wine or drink of choice. The box is then sealed prior to or during the wedding ceremony and they vow not to open the box until an anniversary of their choice.

The only other time that the box can be unsealed is when they are having thoughts of separating at which time they will drink the wine and read the letters which will hopefully remind them why they fell in love and chose to be together in the first place.

Breaking of the Glass Ceremony

Traditionally used at Jewish weddings; this ceremony option signifies the end of the ceremony and the time of celebration.

(As a health & safety concern, the glass (two champagne flutes) is placed in a cloth bag prior to breaking it.

Wine Ceremony

In the Wine ceremony the couple can either choose to pour one white glass and one red glass to create a blush that they will both drink from or there can be a pouring of one commemorative glass that they both will drink from.

Quaich Ceremony

A Quaich is a Celtic cup used to symbolise friendship and in 1589, King James VI of Scotland gave Anne of Denmark a quaich or “loving cup” as a wedding gift. This ceremony involves a ‘dram’ of whisky (or drink of choice) to be drunk by the bride and groom symbolising their love and unity in all things.

The Quaich comes in a presentation box and can be inscribed if desired.

Broom Jumping Ceremony

The Broom Jumping Ceremony is based upon tradition which symbolises the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together.

Your commemorative broom is of traditional design and decorated with coordinating ribbon and flowers to your theme.

Rose Ceremony

In the Rose ceremony the couple can choose to present roses to the mothers / grandmothers as a way of showing appreciation for their support.

The roses can also be presented as the first gifts that the couple will give to each other.

Dove Release Ceremony

Like swans, Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death.

It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured, therefore releasing doves is a ceremony option that signifies new beginnings.

Wishing Tree

All members of the party are invited to use special ink pads to complete a picture of a ‘Wishing Tree’ along with their names and/or wish for the child.

Price includes canvas and hire of easel, setting up and finishing.

A beautiful memento of their special day which lasts a lifetime!

Hand Wrapping Ceremony / Hand Fasting

The original meaning of “tying the knot”. A Celtic tradition where the hands are tied with ribbons / cloth in the shape of the

infinity symbol to symbolise the bringing together of the two hearts in a marriage of strength and unity forever.

Ribbons will be chosen to coordinate with your theme.

Unity Candle

Long associated with Catholic celebrations, as a traditional ceremony option it also holds a universal meaning.

It symbolises the joining of the couple in marriage as well as the joining of their two original families.

The couple’s chosen family member/friend light their individual candles for them.

They, in turn, are used to light a ceremonial candle as a symbol that they are moving on from their family to create a new family together.

The ‘wedding’ candle can then be lit on every anniversary as a reminder of their special day and the love they continue to share.

First Kiss Last Kiss

This is a ceremony option involves the mother of both the Bride and the Groom.

They are called upon to join the Bride and Groom near the end of the ceremony.

The mothers gave their children there first kiss when they came into the world and they will give their last kiss

as single individuals before sending them on their new journey as husband / wife / life partner.

Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies

I will announce your guests and manage the order of events during speeches etc.

Writing of vows and/or speeches

If you or any of your family members/wedding party are struggling with speech writing, I am here to help!

Telephone or face to face meeting is preferred on at least one occasion.

I can also assist and advise you with writing your own vows.